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Wires Test Equipments

Our product range includes a wide range of Wires Test Equipments such as LF Source & Detector, Conductor Resistance Meter, Enameled Wire Tan Delta System, R C Unbalalnce Meter, Cable Test System, Impedance Meter and many more items.

Item Code: LFSD

LF Source & Detector is useful for Crosstalk NEXT & FEXT measurement & Attenuation Measurement for paired cables.
We offer conductor resistance meter which has proved to be ideal for measurement of conductor resistance of one meter PVC insulated Cu conductor. The model CRM-1 is for communication cables & copper wires.

The salient features of our conductor resistance meter are as follow:
  • Direct Digital display of conductor resistance in raw value/normalized (Ohms/Km at 20° C)
  • Facility to enter temperature through thumb wheel switch
  • Automatic input of temperature through in built temperature sensor.
  • Four terminal method of measuring for increased accuracy in measurements.
  • Self Stripping knife edge contacts for easy insertion of sample (less preparation time)

Item Code: EW188

Our concern is the only Asian company manufacturing enameled wire tan delta systems. These are specially designed for checking the curing quality of enameled wire.

The salient features are as follow:
  • Auto Balancing
  • Digital Readout of Temperature & Tan Wires & Cables Test
  • Useful for Bending Point Test
  • Useful for Single Point Test
  • User Friendly Windows Based Software
  • Colored graph comparison
  • Software based PID Controller
  • USB Communication port Equipment
Our R C Unbalance Meters are widely used for resistance unbalance & capacitance unbalance measurement of paired cables. These are being manufactured as per the industrial standards by
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using high graded raw material and advanced technology. Moreover, these can also be offered in customized sizes and specifications as per the client’s requirements.
Cable Test system is specially designed for measuring HF & LF parameters of multipaired telecome cables, Instrumentation Cables. Automated Test Fixtures allows fast & accurate measurement of various parameters. It measures conductor Resistance, Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair, Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Shield, Resistance Unbalance etc. HF machine includes Crosstalk, Attenuation parameters.Statistical Data Analysis, Storage of test data & on site printing are important features.

Item Code: MK1

Impedance Meter is useful for Characteristic Impedance Measurement of Paired Cables & Shielded Cables.

Automatic Capacitance & Tan Test Set

Useful for condition monitoring insulation tests for power sector equipments such as High Voltage (EHV) class Bushings, Windings of transformer (1/2/3 windings), shunt reactors, Current Transformer, Capacitor Voltage transformer (CVT), grading capacitors of Circuit Breakers, Surge Arrester and other electrical equipment at site automatically in a charged switch yard. The use of Laptop & Windows based software makes the system more flexible easy to handle & accurate data can be stored, retrieved and analyzed at site.

Colored Screen analysis & graphical plotting ofTan Vs Voltage, Tan Vs Time.


EN-61326, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8, IEC61000-4-11.


  • Automatic Measurement of Capacitance & Tan as per the test plan by auto-balancing No need of manual balancing. Automatic voltage setting through software.
  • Indication of Leakage current.
  • Graphical representation of voltage vs Tan to know the tan gradient & data analysis for comparison with old results and manufacturer's data.
  • Temperature correction as per IEC for Tan . 5)Executes all the test modes automatically. 6)ON site printout with USB printer.
  • Suitable for extraneous conditions in 400KV switchyard under heavy induction.
  • More than 10000 Results Data-storage. 9)Optional feature available for line as well as
  • generated frequency operation using generated frequency source with dual frequency operation software.
  • Kit is supplied with Temp. & Humidity sensor.
  • Automatic Interference Suppression. 12)High quality & cost effective indigenous design & easy availability of spares.



Input voltage: 240V±10%,50Hz ±5% single phase.( 48VDC Battery Operation) Output voltage : 0-10KV,100mA continuous, 200mA intermittent.

Test Frequency : 50Hz independent of line voltage & frequency.

Balancing Method : Fully Automatic. Interference Suppression: Fully Automatic.

Voltage Setting : Fully Automatic through software.

Display : Large colored backlit LCD high resolution graphical display on laptop. Storage Memory : More than 10000 Results Storage memory.

Analysis Software : Windows based analysis software for Tan Vs Time, Tan Vs Voltage. Inbuilt Standard Capacitor : 100pF± 0.5%, Tan <0.0001, Max. Voltage Rating: 14KVrms.

Essential Accessories:

  • Calibrator Box with one C & three Tan delta Taps Test Voltage 2KVAC.
  • Cables :HV Cable -20Meter, LV Cable -20Meter, Ground Cable, Interconnecting cables. Temperature & Humidity sensor.
  • Carrying Cases : Foam Padded Carrying Cases for Bridge & Power supply, Carry Bag for Cables. 5.Laptop with accessories.
  • Windows based software CD.
  • Operatinal Manual CD.
  • Application Notes CD.
  • Traceable calibration certificate.
  • Generated Frequency Source with dual frequency operation software.

Protections & Safety Features:

  • Open Ground Protection
  • Zero Start Protection
  • HV interlock
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection.

Safety Certification: IEC 61010 Complied.

Vibration Test Certification: ASTM D999 Complied.

EMI/EMC Certification: IEC/EN61326 Complied.

Temperature Range : 00C to 500C

Humidity Range: Max. 90 % non condensing.

SIVA Cable Test System provide most advanced, accurate and economical method for HV & IR parameters of multi paired cables.
The Scanning Fixtures are used to minimise the manual handling of cables conductors. Once the cable has been connected, HV & IR Tests can be conducted without disturbing the cable ends. 60 pairs of cable contacts are provided in scanning fixture. The Scanning Fixture , Software & switching logic can be customized as specified.
User Friendly, Menu driven software make the operation highly convenient.
The software automatically processes test data and generates test reports of various kinds including statistical information.



  • Power Supply: 230V AC, 50Hz, single phase, 230V AC, 60Hz on request.

  • HV Test Specifications:
  • Voltage Range: 0 to 3KV AC

  • Duration : 0-60 seconds programmable
  • IR Test Specifications :
  • Insulation Resistance Range :
  • Insulation Resistance Test voltage : 500VDC
  • Software : Windows Based .
  • Indication : on computer screen.
  • Printer : suitable inkjet printer.
  • Lamps: Red for Test ON & Green for Test OFF.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply : 230 ±10%, 50Hz . Test Voltage : 0.5kV,1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV Accuracy : 5% on load of 10M
  • I R Range: 0 to 5000G
  • Accuracy : ± 5% up to 1000G
  • Leakage Current : upto 2.5mA short circuit current : upto 2.5 mA
  • Display : 4 Line 20 Character
  • LCD Display
  • Storage Memory : 100 Test Results
  • Port : RS232 port
  • Battery Operated – 12V /4Amp

Special Features:

  • Microprocessor Based, Mains cum Internal Rechargeable Battery Operated. HV,LV & GUARD.
  • RS232 port to download DATA to PC .
  • Internal discharge of object after test complete.
  • Compatible to EMC/EMI environment suitable to work in 400KV switchyard.
  • Accessories include 1 meter mains lead and 10 meters test leads, Instruction & Operating Manual.

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